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Dental Reconstruction

Opus Dental can perform dental reconstruction due to several reasons, either because of an accident, injury or damage to your teeth. Damage to teeth may be caused because they are broken or decayed which will mean reconstruction will be required so that the patient can eat normally. Whatever the reason, Opus Dental is one of the few specialist experts in Dorset.

We will assess the situation which may mean offering a combination of veneers, crowns, bridges or implants. By offering the best alternative, we can restore your teeth to their best working order and restore confidence.

We offer state of the art computer-aided designs, so as to decide on the best course of action and bring your teeth back to perfection. We will create a plan for you to see what the work will entail and check you are confident with the process. When you are happy with the treatment offered, we can start scheduling the work so that you will have a mouth restored to its full functionality in no time.

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