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Fee schedule of Opus Specialist Dental & Implant Team in Dorset

Our fees are a reflection of our exceptional quality of service and high standard of specialist dental care, utilising the latest state-of-the-art equipment, materials and techniques. We aim to provide a very high standard of service based on each individual requirement.

Fee guide

ORAL SURGERY Fees based on £300 per hour  
Initial Consultation (5 minutes - including small x-ray) £50
Consultation (30 minutes - including small x-rays) £120
Extraction (30 minutes - including review) £150
Surgical Extraction (30 minutes - including review) £175
Complex Extractions Time based at £350 per hour
Soft Tissue Biopsies (20 minutes - including £70 histology report fee) £175
Sinus Lift £800
Bone Graft Time based (£300 to £600)
Implant fees  
Implant (Stage 1)
(Excluding Bone Graft and Membrane)
Stage 2, Uncovering £200

Consultation (including small X-rays, treatment plan letter)
Short Consultation £50
Further consultation/ treatment plan letter (diagnostic work/study models/wax ups for complex cases) £150 - £225
Porcelain Restorations  
Veneers £750
Zirconia Crowns £750
Porcelain Inlays / Onlays £750
Emax. press Crowns £750
Gold and Bonded Restoration  
Gold Inlays / Onlays £750
Full Gold Crowns £750
Cast Post / Core £300 - £400
Porcelain Bonded Crown £750
Titanium Bonded Crown £750
Zirconia Bridges (per unit) £750
Porcelain Bonded Bridge (per unit) £750
Implant work  
Implant supported crown or bridge £1300 / Crown
£550 / pontic
Implant including surgery and prosthodontic work £2600
Prosthetic Dentures Full Upper or Lower £800 / arch
Partial Dentues Partial/Metal based £1300
Consultation and Assessment (1 hour) £150
Root Planning £300 per hour
Perio Surgery (Guide £75 per 15 minutes of surgery) £300 (Timed based)
Review Appointments  
- 30 minutes £75
- One hour £150

A little bit about specialist dental treatments

  • It usually involves procedures and techniques that are more complex, challenging and time consuming compared to general dentistry
  • It usually requires the use of more complex and costly dental materials, components and equipment
  • It often involves the use of highly specialised dental laboratory services
  • The dentist must undergo several years of additional higher training to acquire the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to become a GDC registered dental specialist

Here at Opus Specialist Dental & Implant Team, we understand that all cases are unique. That is why we customise treatment plans according to each patient's needs.

Dental veneers - Ferndown, Dorset - Opus Specialist Dental & Implant Team - Smiling

General dental service

We also carry out general dentistry. To find out more, please visit our general dental practice website.

To book a dental appointment with our specialists, please call 01202 873 263

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